Who is this guy?

Welcome to my website.  I’m Jef. I’m a woodworker; I make custom cabinets and built-ins and furniture.  I love to make sawdust.  I love to create.

In June of 2012 I moved into my new house on Orcas Island.  We’ve wanted to live here for a long time, and finally we’re here.  We bought a house in a great location, with a fantastic view, on a beautiful island.  But the house needs a little work. In fact, living here right now is a lot like camping.

So enjoy as I document and chronicle the process.  By the time it’s all said and done, I will probably have replaced everything in the house that can be replaced.

11 thoughts on “Who is this guy?

  1. Loved all the stories and pictures. You’re a talented guy Jef! I don’t remember rehab being so entertaining in Missouri. Press on. Aunt Nancy

  2. Cousin Jack introduced me to this website and I’ve just spent probably too much time with it this morning as I am suppose to be getting ready for fun in the sun BUT I loved the site and read every word, even the stuff I knew nothing about because I so enjoyed your wit and could not get over all your various talents ie woodworker and writer, so thank you for this site and I look forward to the next family gathering so I can tell you in person how awed I am by this whole deal.

  3. Love the copper and wooden bracket idea for a closet. Any advice on how to obtain the bracket itself? There are not many large wooden brackets on the market.


    • I had to make the bracket. I don’t think I could have found anything like it if I went shopping for one, but maybe an architectural salvage place and a bit of luck one could be found.

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