Murder Cat

my perchHigh atop my perch I lay
And think of murder every day


I think of murder day and night
And when I see the cat who’s white


eats my foodThe humans deign to let him in
And cater to his every whim


They think he’s nice and icky sweet
I want to kick him with my feet


want to claw himHe comes inside and eats my food
Which I believe is very rude


When I see that mouse he’s caught,
REDRUM fills my every thought


sits in my spotMy warning hiss he does ignore
And enjoys my catnip on the floor


He bites and plays with all my toys
His stupid bell jingles with noise


my catnipHe sits and sleeps while in my spot
It think it is some kind of plot


I want to bite and claw his face
And send him into outer space


murder catI wish he would just go away
And leave me here alone to play


I would like to tell him that
He shouldn’t mess with Murder Cat

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