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This is the easy part

Moving that wall in a few inches meant that the big cabinet in the laundry room would trap the washer and dryer in the room. You’d never be able to get them out if they needed out for any reason. We had to move the cabinet out of there and put something smaller in its place, a little antique buffet. So, the room shrank, but it grew.

Cutting all that sheetrock gets a little drywall dust on everything, but if you think that’s messy just wait until the hard part.

Let’s move a wall.

Now that the new addition is open, the laundry room wall doesn’t line up with the new wall adjoining it.

It’s all catawampus. And the paneling is gross. There’s actually three different kinds of paneling going on there: shitty, shittier and shittiest.

And the doorway is in the wrong place. It’s time to move the wall. Easy stuff.

No fan of the fan

I can’t overstate how much Inky was afraid of this ceiling fan. For weeks, she would love going upstairs to explore, but she would NOT go in the bedroom. At the doorway, she would look up and see the fan, and she would freeze, wide-eyed and poofy-furred, and then slink away to the bathroom in retreat. It’s as if she thinks it’s the Eye of Mordor.

If in the future that ceiling fan falls on my head, I guess I can say my cat told me so.