Boat Full of Trees

There’s this little marina just out of Anacortes that has an old boat with trees growing out of it.  There’s really no place to pull over for a good picture so I snapped these on the drive by.  It’s like a big planter box.

Nature takes things back faster than you think.  If we stopped taking care of this house, pretty soon it would have trees growing out of it too. 


Sometime between 1992 and late last week, someone paid money for this light fixture, and then they attached it to what is now our house.

Did they buy it because the original one fell off its last rusty screw and shattered into pieces?  Or did they spot this gunmetal contraption at Island Hardware The Exchange abandoned on the side of a dirt road road and just absolutely fall in LOVE with it?  Either way, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume it was straight when they installed it, and it was only a matter of time and gravity that gave it the leaning tower look.

Anyway, it had to come down.  Ships were running aground when we kept it lit for too long.

We got something a little more to the scale of the house.  With a few shims and spacers it installed upright.  Came with one of those fancy high efficiency light bulbs that will function for 300 years before it burns out.

So we’re slowly adding things to update the place and give it a little more visual appeal from the outside.  It still looks pretty crappy of course but these things take time.  Meanwhile, we’ll just enjoy the view that goes the other direction.