20′ Deck Planks

Each plank of decking was 20 feet long. They’re made out of a composite of wood fiber and plastic, and the longer they sit in the sun the more bendy they are. Imagine carrying a spaghetti noodle that weighs about 70 pounds. You get the picture. Just getting them into the shop so I could chop them to length was a challenge. It wasn’t until the deck was almost done that I realized I could have probably just set up my saw outside near the planks.

Now we’re cooking with grease!

Composite deck planks are finally going down. It’s not the easy part, but finally get a little satisfaction of seeing what the finished deck may look like. That’s almost enough to walk on up there!

Deck Demolition

Yeah, it’s time.

Everyone on home improvement TV shows loves demolition. It’s so fun. Just swing a sledgehammer and ha ha ha everything’s destroyed! I think it’s a pain in the ass, particularly if you’re trying to save one thing (the deck joists, for example) but want to get rid of everything around it. It’s accident prone, it’s injury prone, and you almost always uncover more things that need to be fixed than you initially thought. And those fricking hot galvanized nails are sticking out of everything.