Bedroom Closet

The original house had about as much closet space as a small fishing boat. There’s a tiny rectangle in the original bedroom, a small spot under the loft stairs, and a spot up in the loft that makes phone booths look spacious and that’s after I enlarged it. For the addition, we added a bedroom and a walk-in closet. A nice, big, high ceiling walk-in closet.

Here’s a before picture:

This is the easy part

Moving that wall in a few inches meant that the big cabinet in the laundry room would trap the washer and dryer in the room. You’d never be able to get them out if they needed out for any reason. We had to move the cabinet out of there and put something smaller in its place, a little antique buffet. So, the room shrank, but it grew.

Cutting all that sheetrock gets a little drywall dust on everything, but if you think that’s messy just wait until the hard part.


I was right, we do get walls on the second story. That’s good. It’s a long fall when you’re stumbling around in the dark and mis-step.

It’s hard to take good pictures of framing. When you see it first hand, you can tell where walls and doorways are going to be and the house starts to come together in your head. In a picture, though, it just looks like a bunch of sticks. So trust me here, that’s a bathroom doorway and a bedroom doorway and the landing at the top of the stairs. I know it just looks like firewood, but add a little drywall and paint and it’ll be an actual room. Pretty sure we get a roof too.