Stairway prep

This is everything I’ll need to do the stairs: stair treads, risers, runners and trim pieces. Everything is laid out and properly slathered with polyurethane. Those 1×12 boards go up and down either side of the stairs and are a bit of a challenge as they need to fit in a snug space and they’re 13 feet long. Big and unwieldy and they need to be cut to length and be accurate within around 1/8 of an inch. This will be a magic trick if I can pull it off.

It’s the details.

This is a trim piece. It’s part of the oak band that goes atop the wainscot in the bathroom. It needs to be tapered at 14 degrees for 7/32 of an inch, and have a 1/4 inch cut on its interior end. Without this little piece, a corner in the bathroom would look unfinished. When you’re doing custom trim work, little pieces like this come up all the time.

Planing Lumber

I filled three 39 gallon trash bags full of sawdust doing this.

Here’s a math problem I don’t want to do: what percentage of wood that I purchase actually ends up in the thing I’m making vs. the percentage that ends up as sawdust / firewood / scrap / trash / sits on my wood rack for decades doing nothing.