Fun With Pneumatic Staplers

Hammers are one of my favorite tools. They say that if you give a child a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. Well, I can solve a lot of problems with a hammer. They’re good for unsticking things that are stuck, moving things that don’t want to move, and driving pieces of metal into wood.

That said, the more I use a pneumatic nail gun, the more I think hammers are the wrong tool for that job. Just point and shoot. Boom.

Hammers are better suited for things that need to be persuaded. Sometimes they’re useful if something just needs a little attitude adjustment. But when you’re sticking cedar shingles to the side of a house, the best tool is one you can strap to your air compressor.

Curb Appeal

So, we built this nice new addition and it makes the rest of the house looks ugly. All those logs. All that green paint. All that old, deteriorating bat and board. You can only put so many flowers on the front of the house.

Time to rip it all out.


I was right, we do get walls on the second story. That’s good. It’s a long fall when you’re stumbling around in the dark and mis-step.

It’s hard to take good pictures of framing. When you see it first hand, you can tell where walls and doorways are going to be and the house starts to come together in your head. In a picture, though, it just looks like a bunch of sticks. So trust me here, that’s a bathroom doorway and a bedroom doorway and the landing at the top of the stairs. I know it just looks like firewood, but add a little drywall and paint and it’ll be an actual room. Pretty sure we get a roof too.