Covering the Concrete

Rubber gym flooring is fairly cheap, durable and easy to maintain. And it’s a lot nicer to stand and step on than the concrete. Also here I’m bolting 2×4’s to the wall, so I can nail down cedar planks to cover up the concrete footers. The room is warmer already.

The Concrete Jungle

This room, being what it is, has a lot of concrete. It’s basically an at-grade basement. The floor is bare concrete as are the foundation walls. It’s cold and hard on the feet. We’re going with rubber gym flooring, and will cover those foundation walls with cedar. Which means I’ll be drilling a lot of little holes in concrete, and that’s literally my 12,782nd favorite thing in the world. Somewhere between dental surgery and cleaning up behind an elephant.

The Mudgarden – Before Pictures

It’s a mud room. It’s a garden room. It’s both! It’s the mudgarden, and this is the ‘before picture’.

Hang on, this one is before that.

And before that.

And before that! You get the idea.

It’s the last room in the house that’s not completely finished yet. It’s mostly there (has walls, a ceiling, running water and electricity) but still needs some details. We waited on finishing this room to give us some time to figure out how we liked to use it, and at first it was kind of an enigma. It’s big, but it’s small. It has a tall ceiling, except where the stairs are. It exits out the front and out the back. It took us a little while to figure this one out.