Saying goodbye to the old kitchen faucet.

It was an emotional weekend.  The lovely kitchen faucet, the one that came free with the house, finally decided it was time to go.  Yes, the poor thing just refused to turn off, letting water leak out and drip unless you wiggled the tired handle just right.  You could hear the flakes of oxidized metal scraping off every time you went to pull on that lever.  I tried to save it, but in the end, there was no hope for it.

It was a fighter, too.  Every nut and bolt was sealed in place by years of corroded metal, calcite deposits and the petrified remains of plumber’s putty.  But in the end, hammers and saws and some brute force were able to gently pull this old fossil out of the sink.

My choices for new faucets were limited to exactly two.  There was the $179 model and the $219 model.  They were otherwise identical.  I went for the one that didn’t look like the box had been opened and scavenged for parts.  It won’t be the same as the old one.  Nothing will ever drop flakes of calcite onto our dishes like that old faucet.  I just keep telling myself that it was meant to be.

Also this weekend I got the garage wired for surround sound.  I don’t care about the sound so much as I just like having the speakers set up in the wall, which means they don’t take up shelf space. Plus, surround sound kinda rocks.

Got rid of the front light fixture (I may smash its top off with an axe and stick it in the ground and plant crap inside it, kinda like that cute little chair we saw in town) (lookit the pics – you’ll see what I mean).  When I went to install the new light fixture I opened the box and realized we were delivered the wrong one.  So now there’s just a couple live wires sticking out of a pole next to the front door.  Home, crap home.

Cozy: realtor speak for ‘small’

Normally, when a house says ‘cozy’ that means small.  But in this case, I have to say, it really is cozy.  And our stuff fits in it exactly.  We don’t have room for one more thing.

The wood burning stove is finally all put together and the stovepipe is connected.  Tonight was our first fire, and the house is really warm.  We were a little concerned that the house would get a bit smoky but that stove is pretty airtight.  And the nice thing about having a nice, cozy, small house – it’s not hard to heat the whole thing.