Covering the Concrete

Rubber gym flooring is fairly cheap, durable and easy to maintain. And it’s a lot nicer to stand and step on than the concrete. Also here I’m bolting 2×4’s to the wall, so I can nail down cedar planks to cover up the concrete footers. The room is warmer already.

Finished Flooring

Flooring is really hard work. You’re constantly getting up and down to set boards, pick up tools, put down tools, nail boards, and some boards have to be nailed by hand. Lots of bending over with heavy things in your hands. It reminded me of Judo, where you’d get thrown to the mat like thirty times a day and have to get back up. But in Judo, the mat was nice and soft and comfy and you could just take a nap on that thing. Hardwood floors are not soft. They’re not comfy. You can fall unconscious from exhaustion on them, but that’s not the same as a nap.

At least that 2,000 pound vanity is now in its final resting place. May it stay there until the End of Days.

Hardwood floors

Some assembly required.

I did the math. If I don’t screw up any cuts and I’m very frugal with the planks I should have just enough to finish the house.

There’s the bathroom vanity in the background. And it’s not in the bathroom. And that’s kind of an issue. Will get to that later.