Nobody likes cabinets over the fridge

That little space above the fridge is a bad, bad place for cabinets with doors. It’s hard to reach, not very big and whatever gets put up there is unseen and quickly forgotten. It may as well be a storage unit in Poughkeepsie.

Sincerely, just do open shelving and have display items up there. Some nice pottery. A metal rooster. A life sized bust of Colonel Sanders. Han Solo frozen in carbonite. A flashing neon BEER sign. Anything but cabinets with doors that close. Dust it every six months. It’s helpful if all that stuff is dishwasher safe. You’re welcome.

Masking Tape

Masking tape is good at holding things together. Better than one might think. Cabinetmakers use it to hold workpieces together when they’re being glued. Here I’m using it to hold the banding against the edge of the plywood for the cabinet shelves. The blue tape has a little lower adhesion than the regular tape so it does less damage to the wood. Regular masking tape can rip splinters of wood off the plywood when you remove it. Now you know! See, you learn things when you read this blog. And there’s no ads, no cookies, I don’t track you, I don’t gather your personal information, and I don’t send crap to your email. I don’t sell your phone number to solicitors. I don’t narc you out to the cops. I don’t tell your boss you’re reading this during work hours. You can just come here and look at pictures and learn things. What a great blog, huh?