Cozy: realtor speak for ‘small’

Normally, when a house says ‘cozy’ that means small.  But in this case, I have to say, it really is cozy.  And our stuff fits in it exactly.  We don’t have room for one more thing.

The wood burning stove is finally all put together and the stovepipe is connected.  Tonight was our first fire, and the house is really warm.  We were a little concerned that the house would get a bit smoky but that stove is pretty airtight.  And the nice thing about having a nice, cozy, small house – it’s not hard to heat the whole thing.


3 thoughts on “Cozy: realtor speak for ‘small’

  1. Well everything looks lovely and comfortable, which is nice since we will probably be spending a lot of time indoors since it is calling for RAIN every day we are there! I am packing my umbrella, if I can find on.

  2. My friend Dorothy who lives in Oregon said she heard Friday is the start of the rainy season out there. Just in time!!!

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