Dining Area Wall

Dining Area Wall

Another 15 feet of paneling has been successfully replaced.

Coat Hooks

My drywall skills are getting better, I think.  Can’t even see the seams this time.

Window Sill

That side door looks really awful now.  I don’t think it’s going to last much longer before I cut it up into firewood.  The veneer is peeling off, the glass is revolting, and it doesn’t even close correctly.  I’d be better off with a sheet of plywood affixed to the door frame with duct tape.

2 thoughts on “Dining Area Wall

  1. I would put in a door without a window. You have that big window right there anyway. A nice wooden door would look good and it’s safer.

    • We’ll probably settle for anything we can find at the salvage yard that I can make fit into the opening. I’d prefer solid too but it’s nice to be able to peek out and see if there are any raccoons outside before we open it.

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