Hidden Treasure

As I have said before, when you open up a wall in a house you never know what you will find.  Carpenter ants, beer bottles, stolen Mafia money, you could find anything.

Inside This Wall

This time, within this very wall, I found the architectural plans to my house!  What a great find!  The very blueprints drawn up at a time when the Beatles were invading America, the original detailed plans of this historic sea-view cottage, and hand drawn and annotated the way it was done in the days before ours.

Plans 1

Here you can see, spotted with spider eggs and beer stains, the master plans of the kitchen area, along with jumbled and nonsensical notes of what to put where and whether they maybe needed an electrical outlet.

Plans 2


The bottom half of the plans is the other half of the house, with the toilet and bathtub clearly detailed, as well as the space for the ‘closit’ and a general area to put the bed.

What a remarkable find.