I can see Jupiter from my house.

IMG_1212Screw Russia.

I finally got a remote clicker for my camera.  That means I can take long exposure shots without having to touch the camera.  Which means the camera doesn’t wobble when I take a picture.  You see, when I would usually take a pic of the night sky, I would have to touch the camera which makes it wobble a bit and the image would come out fuzzy.

Well, now, the image still comes out fuzzy because every time the wind blows the camera moves just a little bit.  Oh well. But the images are a little crisper.  IMG_1210

It’s really amazing out here how much of the night sky you can see.  It’s pitch black outside, and on those rare clear nights you can see thousands of stars.  It’s pretty neat.

The camera didn’t capture it very well, but I could very clearly see Jupiter and three of its moons up there.  Jupiter is the third brightest object in the night sky, second only to the sun and the moon.  If you look up and see a really bright yellow dot among a bunch of dim dots, chances are that’s it.


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