Landscaping ideas

We walked around town the other day looking for landscaping ideas.  It’s getting a little nicer out, the days are longer, and we’ve even heard whispered rumors that the sun has been shining here and there.

Our property doesn’t get much direct sunlight, but the plot is pretty well cleared and we get a lot of daylight.  We’re going to build a fenced courtyard between the house and garage so we can plant things that would normally be considered deer food.  I’m considering getting a large tiger to help fend them off.

The really nice thing about here is everything stays green, even through the winter.  That will be a nice change.

That compass was kind of neat.  I bet those things are cheap, too.

3 thoughts on “Landscaping ideas

  1. I remember seeing a compass on the ground across the street from our condo, at the park…can’t wait to see what you do…plant lots of purple and bright green foliage…

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