This is snow

Yep, snow.It hasn’t snowed a millimeter on the island so far this winter, but we took a road trip that went over Snoqualmie Pass and got our snow fix for the winter.  It’s on the mainland just east of Seattle.  Everyone told us the horror stories about how bad the weather could get up near the summit.  Snow, wind, ice, slippery roads, California drivers, all of it.  But we got up there and honestly it wasn’t much different than my drive to work in Denver.

Chains were required at the summit on the eastbound trip, unless you have four wheel drive which fortunately we do.  It was a bit snowy for a stretch of about 10 miles but once we got out of that it was clear and sunny and the roads were dry.  And it was raining and wet on the west side.  So we pretty much got all kinds of weather in one day.