Stormy Seas

sIMG_1218 sIMG_1220 sIMG_1222 sIMG_1223The locals keep telling us it’s going to snow, and it excites them like some combination of impending doom and fantastical magic.  Then, in the sky, one snowflake out of a thousand raindrops materializes and falls to the ground.  “Look, it’s snowing!”  Sorry guys, that’s not what snow is.  Most of these snowflakes [sic] melt before they hit Earth.  The remainder melt on contact.  I know it’s early in the season, but that’s not snow and we have yet to see anything even remotely resembling snow.

For one, our house is too close to sea level, and we don’t have the cold air that comes with altitude.  In fact, we get a whole different weather pattern on our side of the island.  Sometimes it’s cold out here and you go to town and it’s nice and warm out.  Or it’s pleasant here and there’s a storm in town.

Last month we had some pretty high winds.  Amazingly enough, our house doesn’t blow out to sea, but it feels like it should.  The winds howl all night, shaking the trees and pouring a billion pine needles into our gutters.  The seas got pretty choppy one day and I snapped the pics above.  Not a lot of boats out in that water.