Stormy Days



The winds have been so loud at night that Inky’s been hiding under the bed.  If the wind isn’t howling, the rain is hammering on the roof.  I turned the outside lights on one night at 2 a.m. and the rain was going every direction there was – up, down, sideways, diagonal, you name it.  It felt like we should have been rocking back and forth like we were out to sea ourselves.

Sometimes the winds drive all the clouds away and you get a clear shot of the sky.  We had this big cyclopean moon up there like a flashlight shining on our little snowglobe.  And yet, all the spiders and snails and birds and assorted critters out there are doing just fine.  Wind hasn’t blown anyone away yet.  Including us or our house, though we’ve wondered when that’s going to happen.


Ironically, most of the tourists have gone home now after spending a lovely summer here thinking we have the best weather on the whole planet and they can’t wait until next May when they come back and visit us.  Great.  See you then, guys.

2 thoughts on “Stormy Days

  1. Jef…I love the weather there on the island…had I not married, I would have moved to that part of the world w/you guys..We love reading your updates and goings on..see you soon…Dorie D.

  2. When we tell people we recently moved here, they always asked us if we got through a winter on the island. Because winters here are so unbearably cold! (or something). Sometimes it gets so cold that water outside even freezes a little. Can you imagine?

    I’ve disconnected water spigots at -10 degrees Fahrenheit. I know what cold is. Winters here are so mild I don’t even notice it.

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