The Shed On The Hill (part 1)

This shed has a little deck across the front.  It looks like maybe it needs to be replaced?  Not only was it listing at 20 degrees from normal, not only was it rotten so badly you could fall through it at any moment, not only was it ugly and full of bugs… all that aside, I just didn’t like it.

For starters, it was too small.

Now *that’s* a deck!  15′ x 15′, pressure treated lumber, joist spacing of 12″, and set into enough pillars I could park my truck on it.

There’s even a little path to get around back behind the shed.  There’s nothing back there.  Not yet, anyway.

A lot of heavy metal went into this deck. 1,200 decking screws alone, not counting the fasteners and bolts holding the frame together.

It took two days to screw all those boards down.

Now we’re cooking with grease!

No help at all.

She likes the stairs, though.

Now the safety rail is installed.

It’s the detail work that make it nice.

A little fun with driftwood on those tall posts.  We’ll hang lanterns from them.

No help at all.