Tile Demolition Day

I’m one of those weird home renovators who doesn’t particularly enjoy demolition.  On all the TV shows, everyone seems to think demo is gobs of fun.  That’s probably because they’re backed by a crew of contractors who will clean up the mess they made.  And they have a convenient dumpster in their driveway that they can just pour all that crap into.  Well, here on Orcas Island, you don’t get a dumpster.  Your personal vehicle doubles as a dump truck, so everything you tear off the walls or pry off the floor is your responsibility.

Still, it was good to get rid of all that crap.  The old tile is out and the stove is on the back deck just waiting for me to restore it.  The old tile was actually better quality than it looked; Italian terra cotta.  Can’t say it was installed particularly well.

Oh, and we found yet another completely covered electrical outlet behind one of the tile walls.  It’s actually in a good spot, as I could use an outlet on the outside wall just behind it.  Just need to make it outdoor safe.

Of all this, I’m really looking forward to restoring that old stove.  It’s a Vermont Iron stove, which is a good quality stove that can burn very hot and efficient.  The style is not my first choice but we’ll keep it for a while.

Just another day on Orcas.

2 thoughts on “Tile Demolition Day

    • Nope. We’re putting tile at each entry landing and hardwood floor through the rest of the main level. For the kitchen we’re going to keep the lovely gold linoleum because it looks so awesome.

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