Tile installed

Got the last piece of tile set tonight.  I think it looks completely awesome.  Very happy with it.  And the pieces haven’t popped off the walls just yet so it’s possible they might stay on a while.

The install went as well as it could have.  Most older homes don’t really have any 90 degree corners, and when you put down square tiles the gaps and uneven surfaces just become more noticeable.  The floor here cups a bit and the walls aren’t exactly straight but with enough shims and mortar I got it to work out.

Still need to do the grout, but that’s the easy part.

The tile layout went through a few iterations from the initial plan.  The idea was to create a hearth for the wood burning stove (which goes right in the corner) and a place to take your boots off after coming in the back doors.  The one thing we had to consider was furniture placement, as it’s going to limit our options of where to put things when we have some tiled areas and some hardwood floor.

Speaking of hardwood floor, it’s in and it’s on the mainland and it’s just waiting for me to run out there and pick it up.  Maybe this week I’ll get a chance to do that.

As usual, throughout this project, cats were no help.


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