Avast, ye mateys.

I never really cared to have a flagpole on my front porch, but at least I know what to do with it when I have one.  Arr!

Prediction:  This flag will encourage Jamie to buy me a new Sawzall reciprocating saw sooner rather than later.

One thought on “Avast, ye mateys.

  1. Your website is a great idea Jef!!! Are you going to let Jamie contribute to it too or are you going to fix her one of her own? We enjoyed the bat story from afar, I can’t imagine being in close contact with one! Looking forward to hearing more adventures from Orcas Island. We think of you two often and wonder how things are going, a challenge at every corner I’m sure, ah to be young & adventuresome again!
    Jamie: Rick has the schedule for the class reunion he said there was an unofficial get together at an Italian Resturant in Kent on Fri. 8/10 he isn’t sure if they will go to that. Sat.8/11 is the event at Jaks pub, not far from Ricks house, on cemetary Rd. (128th ST). Denise isn’t crazy about the place he said so don’t know if she plans on going, but if you guys go she probably will. Sun 8/12 is the picnic at Sam. park , but Sunday is a work day for Rick so he doesn’t plan on taking the day off just to go to the picnic. They don’t have a home phone any more his cell is 425 445 1630. He’s hard to reach on work days Sun,Mon Tues
    it’s better to catch him Wed – Sat. Hope you guys can get together at least one of those dates. We hope to see you soon also. Judy

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