Critter List

I think some people have this internal Critter List where they mentally keep track of all the critters they have seen.  I know I do.  These are critters we’ve seen in their own natural habitat, their home, the places they actually live.  When we see them in a zoo or at a circus, while cool, it’s not the same thing.  The guy down the road has llamas and geese on his farm, and it’s neat.  But it’s not like a wild critter sighting.

We’ve all seen the usual ones, the squirrels and birds and pigeons and stuff.  Bats and foxes and raccoons are not uncommon.  If you’re from Florida, I’m sure you can cross alligators off your list.  Most people have seen snakes and frogs and turtles in their travels.  Hawks, sure.  Rats?  Hey, they’re critters.  Starfish?  Got ’em.  Wild turkeys?  Yup.  Owl?  Haven’t seen them but I’ve heard one.  River otters?  Yup.  Never seen a bear or a mountain cat myself but I know plenty of people who have.

Well, now I can finally add this little critter family to my list.  Orca whales, headed east across the sea, right outside my front door.  Not in a zoo, not at sea world, not on the farm up the road or in some guy’s backyard swimming pool, but right here.  How cool is that?

They don’t surface for very long so you have to be quick with a camera.  I’m very happy to have been able to see these guys.

2 thoughts on “Critter List

  1. Hey you two, just got caught up on your diary, we were a little busy over the holidays as I’m sure you were too..Always look forward to your pics, and comments about your life on Orcas, sounds like it has been a good move for you both! Hope you can find the time to stop by when you go to see Jim. I also hope your keeping your stories and pics on file somewhere and think about having them published in a book one of these days. Just sayin–! We sure enjoy them I’m sure others would too!

    Take Care
    Judy & Charlie

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