Strange orange object seen in sky

sIMG_0345We saw this strange orange thing up in the sky this morning.  Not sure what it was.  It was really bright and hard to look at.  I think it was a spaceship, or some kind of weird fireball that inexplicably appeared for a few moments.  Going to contact NASA and see if they know anything about this.

sIMG_0343We were on the ferry when we saw it.  The winged sea-rats (depicted on right) did not seem terribly alarmed.  I think they use the orange light to help them scavenge for food.  They’re always staring at me like I have popcorn in my pockets or something.

sIMG_0347Once we got off the ferry, it turned into a really foggy day.  The highways were downright eerie, and flanked by the gray silhouettes of gnarled, leafless trees.  Not to mention the california drivers shooting by at speed limit +20, oblivious to the fact that they can’t see more than 30 yards ahead of them at a time.  Maybe they were just watching their GPS to make sure they were following the road okay.

sIMG_0353 sIMG_0356The weather on the way back was nice.  Clear skies with little banks of fog socked into the lowlands.  Like hordes of zombies moving slowly from suburb to suburb to prey upon the living.  Seriously, fog like that is really creepy.  Got a neat view of Mt. Baker with the moon right behind it.  More winged rats were scavenging the beaches for anything they could wrap their beak around.  They’re in league with the zombies, I’m sure of it.

sIMG_0334While on the beach, we found a bird feather that we brought home for Inky.  She went absolutely ballistic.  It smelled like bird, real authentic Bird!  She was completely nuts over it.  I mean, Cuckoo-for-Cocoa Puffs nuts.

Well, we got back from the mainland with a carload of goods from Target and Walgreens and other various luxuries we don’t often find on the island.  It’s a balancing act.  Not only does it cost around $50 just to get the car on the ferry, but we’re talking 12 hours of Life that goes by between the time we have to get up and the time we get back.  So $50 + (cost of gas) + (whatever you think your free time is worth per hour × 12 hours) is the base cost of dragging yourself to the mainland for a shopping excursion.  Naturally, we save a bit of money at the big box stores stocking up on paper towels and napkins and stuff, but if your net savings isn’t greater than what you came up with in the equation above, you lost money.  Not monopoly money.  Real, live, legal tender for all debts public and private.  In this case, I think we broke even.

sIMG_0337We bought a cord of firewood a while back, so when we got home we had plenty of fuel to make this house nice and toasty.  So we could unfurl our retail store prizes in the comfort of a warm home.  I must say, that is well worth the price of admission.

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