Demolition for Every Closet

I started asking myself what was different about my closet compared to, say, normal peoples’ closets.  Why is my closet never pictured on the front of magazines?  What is so wrong with it?  Why do people threaten me with violence when I offer to put their coat in my closet?  Something is just different about mine, and to make it more socially acceptable, I started by removing all the things that I didn’t see in those magazines.


Well, I ended up with this.  No paneling, and a bunch of uneven posts that by some miracle hold up the stairs.


Long gone is the bare light bulb and its frayed pull-string, though these electrical wires will pose a challenge to do correctly.  I drew out the circuit, and I have to connect four 12 gauge wires together in this box.  Sucks to be me.


Not to mention the ethernet cables, the HDMI cable, all those speaker wires for all the speakers I planted around the house.  This is a lot of copper.



This section of wall has always been a little off, and now I know why.  They installed the bottom plate right on top of that green carpet.  They couldn’t even be bothered to take up the carpet to extend their wall 24 inches.  That is seriously lazy.


It took a while to get all the electrical tucked away neatly (not to mention correctly) and put in a few more studs for the drywall.

pay n pak

Anyone here still remember Pay n Pak?  Yeah, didn’t think so.

drywall deck

The weather was nice, so the front deck made for a really good area to carve up all that drywall.  This is a small closet, but it still swallowed up six sheets.  Lots of irregular pieces going in there, not to mention I had to carry them into some confined areas.  It was like playing Operation:  carry that big heavy sheet of drywall and don’t hit a door frame.  Bzzzzzt!  Oh, you’ll have to sand out that dent now.


Finally, some nice, shiny, mold-resistant drywall up, inside and out of the closet.

no help

No help.  No help at all.


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  1. Looks good! Yeah, my cat, Tess, same thing. Watches me work, clean, sweat and is no help at all. Is the opening (facing the bathroom) going to be a door, folding door, beads or a curtain?

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