The Actual Cost of a Salvage Door


Salvage Door:  $40, plus tax.

Ferry trip to get to the mainland and back with the door:  $58

Gas:  $8


Tool wear and tear:  $5


Fasteners and miscellaneous hardware:  $2.50

Doorknob and deadbolt:  Free, just use the existing crappy ones so all the keys still match.


1×6 Douglas Fir planks:  $112.  (For that price, next time I’ll just cut down a tree)

Dentist Pick

Labor:  Free, though in all fairness, in the time it took me to fix up this door I could have watched District 9, Gladiator, Season 6 of The Shield, the extended versions of all of the Lord of the Rings movies, Skyfall and Casino Royale.


Dowel:  Free, I got dozens lying around for scrap.

The correct size dowel that you don’t have lying around and have to go buy at the hardware store:  $4.35

Sanding Discs

22 Festool sanding discs:  $16.50



Stain, primer, paint, and about 24 feet of frog tape:  $54.67 (that frog tape is a little steep)


Cat in a sink:  Free.  Good luck washing your hands.


Solid brass hinges in Oil Rubbed Bronze (TM) that will never ever rust:  $75.


Amount of sleep I’ll lose because the door is asymmetrical:  0.0 hours.


Using the old door for thrown weapons practice:  Okay, that is priceless.


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