The War Zone

Fridge in Dining Room

Okay, when your fridge and oven are in the dining room, it’s safe to say that your house has become a War Zone.

War Zone 2

Yup.  Cardboard taped to the floor, no countertops on the cabinets, nothing is where it’s supposed to be, nothing is in its place.  Looking for the coffee?  I think it’s over by the cat litter box.

Where is the sink

Here’s the old countertops on their last day in the house.  They didn’t put up much of a fight coming out, though the old backsplash had to be cut away with hand saws.


Yeah, we had no running water in the kitchen for a couple days while we waited for the new countertops.  Well, the leaky hot water valve down there wouldn’t stop dripping, but that still doesn’t count as ‘running water’.

Here it is

The old sink.  May it rust in Hell.

Ready for Countertops

I can’t say I like these cabinets, but resurfacing the doors and drawer fronts sure helped.  New knobs, new hinges, new polyurethane, I guess I’ll keep them now.

New Countertops

And here’s the new countertops installed.  It’s quartzite, which has a really nice texture and is very, very durable.  You could smear grape jelly and red wine all over it and it would never stain.  Oh, look, and the fridge is back in its correct place, too.

Just Add FaucetThe new sink is HUGE.  You could take a bath in that thing.

Huge Sink

And now we have running water, and a fancy new faucet.  I’m loving this sink.  You can leave dirty dishes in it and it’s so deep that you never really see them.  Out of sight, out of mind.  Seriously, you could wash a goat in that sink.  It’s huge.

Nice Day

I love the colors in this picture.  The sky is bright, the water is reflective, the trees have many shades of green, and the houses and decks add little spots of their own color to the mix.  You may notice our kitchen has a myriad of colors and textures, and not all of them really ‘go together’, and that’s quite deliberate.  Living where we live, it really fits in.

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