You might be a redneck if…

…you mount your bookshelf on the wall with 2×4’s.

Part of the challenge in this house is that most of the walls have these baseboard heat registers on them and you can’t really put furniture in front of them if you want heat.  Solution?  Prop up your furniture on stilts, of course!  Just use 2x4s.  They’ll hold that bookshelf when it’s all full of books, no problem.  It may not look fancy, but it sure looks sturdy.

I pinned the sides of the bookshelves to 2×4 studs using these super jumbo 2d10 galvanized nails that Jamie bought.  Those nails could tow a small barge.  They should be good enough to keep the bookshelf from falling on our houseguests sitting on the couch.  But no promises.


Of course, putting the bookshelf over the heat register gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “cook the books.”  Ha ha, get it?  Cook the books?  Hee hee.

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  1. Hi….we haven’t looked at your blog in awhile… have been ver busy! Everything looks great…..good job on the floor!

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