I don’t have a very high opinion of stuff.  In general, I think the vast majority of stuff is stuff we don’t need.  O, sure, we acquire a lot of versatile solutions to modern living.  But, for the most part, it’s all a bunch of crap we don’t need.

For months now, most of our stuff has been in a storage unit.  This is because we didn’t have the floors done in the house, and I didn’t think there was much point moving our stuff into a house that just had subfloor.  Let’s get the flooring done, then put stuff on top of it.  It’s kind of a cart-horse dynamic.  Okay, floor’s done.  So now, we get stuff.

That’s me, waving hello.  I’m at our storage unit, getting some of our stuff.  I’m amazed, and kind of disgusted, at all the stuff we paid money to move across state lines.  If I had it all to do over, I’d just leave all our stuff on the side of the road in a ditch somewhere and start over with nothing.

We’ve been spoiled all this time, living in this big empty house.  The living room had no furniture.  I could practice Iaido, play floor hockey, chase Inky, slide around in my underwear like tom cruise in risky business.  But now we’re bringing our stuff into the house, and all that space is going to get swallowed up.  Possessed by our furniture and decor and wall hangings.  Basically, our stuff.

Listen.  I implore you.  Stop collecting stuff.  Just get the stuff that you need.  Spend your money on fun things, like trips to Maui, or an exhibit about south american bats at the natural history museum.  Those are the fun things.  Stuff isn’t fun.  Stuff sucks. Stuff is an anchor, and it just weighs you down.

This is our storage unit.  We’re amazed at how much stuff we’ve taken out of it, and a bit depressed by how much stuff remains.  We’re responsible for that stuff.  We pay money for that stuff to occupy space.  At some point, I have to put the rest of that stuff into a truck and cart it all here, via ferry, which costs money by the way.  And then I have to find a place for all that stuff once it gets here on the island.


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  1. Totally agree…..I often ask myself why I have all this stuff! We have been donating a lot of stuff lately… least it is a good tax deduction:0)

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