Cats, garage, moon, et cetera.

5 thoughts on “Cats, garage, moon, et cetera.

  1. Very clever about the bookshelf…and, it doesn’t look too bad! What kind of wood is the paneling made from? Please don’t say it is faux-wood.

    What about those of us artists, who make stuff? I continue to buy stuff (fabric and tools) so that I can make more stuff…but, the final stuff/quilt is useful – and artistic, I suppose. So, that kind of stuff is okay…But, I am totally with you about all the other stuff. (hint, hint – maybe this X-mas we could all give to our favorite charity – instead of buying each other more stuff.)

  2. OMG – garagemahal is so funny, Donna! By the way, what was the square footage of the Corona Street garage?

  3. The garage in Denver and this garage both had doors, and electricity, and a concrete floor. But I do think the similarities end there. The garage here is 24×28 and has a pretty high ceiling inside. Right now it looks nicer than the house.

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