The Art of Being A Cheap Bastard

So, I had this trim piece that was about 6″ too short.  It’s in a semi-visible area so I didn’t want to do a butt-end joint or even a mitered joint.  Well, I can always just go and buy a new trim piece.  Let’s see, 6 feet at $0.83 per foot…


No way.  Why spend *that* kind of money when I can do a little tongue and groove instead?  That would make the trim piece exactly the length I want, and it would be perfectly straight along the edge I’m nailing it into.


Gosh, just a few quick cuts and a little bit of fitting and it pops right into place.


Put a little pin in there with some wood glue and it’s never coming apart now.


I just saved myself $4.98!  Woo hoo!