The Snowball Effect


The bathroom needs to be fully gutted down to the studs and completely redone.  Everything.  But we can do small things in the meantime to make it a little nicer.Knobs and PullsLet’s replace the cabinet knobs.  And the drawer pulls.  That’s cheap, right?  Takes ten minutes.  Just order some nice ones online and install them.  It’ll make a big difference.

HingesOkay, the new knobs and drawer pulls make the hinges look ridiculous.  Let’s get some new hinges.  Find some nice ones on the internet and swap them out.

Lets PaintOkay, if I put new hinges on then I’m going to have to putty the holes left by the old hinges.  You know, may as well paint it.  That’s cheap, right?  Doesn’t take very long.  And that way the holes are completely sealed up.

Oh, if we’re going to paint may as well put some trim pieces along the floor too.  And paint those.  And that’s going to make the walls look awful, going to need to paint them.  And if we paint the walls, may as well get new towel rods.  They’re not cheap, not in the least, but this is our forever house.  Going to want nice towel rods.

Shiny new hardware


Nice, what a difference. But you know, now that countertop and sink look so awful up there.  That stupid two-tone swirled plastic, with fungus growing in the cracks.  I can’t live with that a minute longer than I have to.  There’s got to be something out there we can replace that with.  That’s cheap, right?  Doesn’t take long, just a weekend.

So now we need a new sink and new towel rods and I may as well get started replacing the vanity with some new cabinetry.  And new trim around the windows.  Could use a new fan, too, that thing is awful.  Oh, and the shower doors are disgusting.  And don’t get me started on the toilet (we did get a new toilet seat lid).

Better I guessThis story doesn’t have an end.