It’s finally gone



That’s the old oil tank.  It held the fuel that fed our dilapidated furnace.  It had no redeeming qualities.  It weighed about 600 pounds when empty and Zeus only knows what when full.

it's goneYeah, now we know how Frodo felt when he finally got rid of the Ring of Doom.  Seriously it is like a huge weight lifted off our minds, something far heavier than steel and hundreds of gallons of diesel fuel.

The plants back there may look a little dead, but you’ll be surprised how rapidly the earth takes it back and makes it lush and verdant again.  It’ll soon look fine. Now that the tank is gone, the healing process can get underway.

This was kind of the last domino before we could start landscaping.  I couldn’t finish the shed with the tank in the way.  Now that it’s gone, I can work on that ugly shed, lay down a brick patio, put up some deer fence and make a nice courtyard garden.