Driftwood Handrail


We’ve had this handrail on the side of our house since we moved in.  I guess building codes require a handrail next to the stairs because they care about people, or something.  It was installed at the last minute and at a very low budget. It wasn’t much to look at but I guess it got the job done.  Well, I finally found something pretty cool to replace it with.

New Handrail

I’m not really a fan of making everything out of driftwood, but I found this piece a while back that would make Gandalf proud to use it for a wizard’s staff.  It looked like it would fit well at the side door so it didn’t take me long to rip out the old handrail and affix this one to the wall.

Handrail 2

I was going to make or buy some nice brackets to affix it but I discovered it was faster to simply use lag bolts and plug the holes with dowels.  Actually fits fairly sturdy that way.  I think it will work nicely.


Landscaping is coming along slowly but nicely.  It’s cool to live in a place where you can use what you have on your own land for landscaping materials instead of having to go to home depot.  It’s one of the very few ways you can save a little money out here.