Bathroom Cabinets Completed

There’s nothing like a finished project.


Finally have the bathroom cabinets all finished and the bathroom trim is painted to match.  I’m not terribly happy with the paint job on the cabinets, no matter how much I sanded it and tried to get it smooth it just came out a little lumpy.  It’s fine.  I’ll live with it.  It’s much improved from what was there.

Need More Clamps

I had some nice, dark brown wenge leftover from a previous project and I just needed to order a little more to make shelves for the entire cabinet.  But even after I ordered more, I still didn’t have all that I needed.  I had to join some narrow strips together to get the 4 1/2″ width I needed to complete the shelves.  I’ve never joined an exotic wood like that; I’ve heard this wood can be a little oily and that sometimes interferes with the glue bond.  That, and these are going to live in a damp environment and if they start to warp or deform at all they’re going to split right apart.


They seemed to glue together just fine and I think it’ll work.  I would have preferred solid slabs but the wood is so dark and evenly grained that you can’t really tell that some of the shelves are joined.  Here they are in place.  Great fit, very sturdy.