So, now I need a closet door

Don’t ask what happened to the old closet door.  It was one of those cheap, crooked hollow-core doors, the kind that I hate.  Really hate.  And I have a lot of martial arts weaponry in this house.  Let’s just say the old door is no longer in one piece, and we’ll leave it at that


I seem to have made a few doors since I got here.  I’d actually prefer to restore old salvaged doors (yeah, I’m weird. I know.  No need to tell me that.) but around here that’s not easy to obtain, so I’ve just made my own.  I just use construction lumber, a little distressed and more than a little imperfect.  It’s knotty.  It’s naughty!  It’s bent and twisted.  But I like the look of it when it all comes together.  On this door, the sandpaper I went through cost me more than the actual lumber.


Dry fit.  Yup, it’s a door.


Glue-up went really easy and the door seems like it’s going to be flat, straight, and square.  Not a lot of huge defects on this, despite all the knots there weren’t a whole lot of fissures or cracks.  All the cuts went well, nothing split and there were no huge splinters to impale my hand on.  I foresee a little shrinkage in its future, as its final resting place is right next to the wood burning stove, so it’s going to dry out like a bone in the desert.  But I can handle that.  As long as it opens and closes without having to use a fireman’s axe I think I’ll be happy.

Hippies Use Side Door

Speaking of doors…