The 2 x 4 Door Project, Part 1

More Plans

I have this small closet door up in the loft that I completely hate and I would like to replace.  Well, I’d like to throw bladed weapons at it, then burn it down, then replace it.  It’s one of those ugly hollow core doors but this one has been cut down to fit an unusually small door frame, some 25″ x 58″.  I was hoping to find a salvage door that I could saw down and fit but no luck there.  If I want to replace this thing I’m going to have to make it myself.  (I’m acutely aware that non-woodworkers don’t think this way) (and maybe even other woodworkers don’t think this way) (it’s possible that it’s just me).

2 x 6 x 16

I don’t want this to cost a lot of money.  In fact, $0.00 would be a great price, but I’m prepared to spend as much as fifty bucks including hardware.  Well, it just so happens I do have a few spare 2×4 and 2×6 leftover from other projects.  Hey, this one here is like 16 feet long.  If I leave it outside any longer it’s just going to grow mushrooms so I may as well make something out of it.


And so, the 2×4 Door Project has now commenced!  The lumber I have has been left outside with the spiders and the salty sea air for longer than it should have been, but it is still solid and durable, and I think all its dings and dents and gouges and wormholes just make it look that much cooler.


I’ll sand it down and stain it and stuff, but I’ll make no effort to fill or conceal or do anything at all about the nail holes, the saw marks, the boot prints.  This is going to be a traditional door with mortise and tenon joinery and solid wood.

Cut and Jointed

The challenges will be many.  Construction lumber is not usually flat enough to cut into a nice flat door (and doors have to be perfectly 100% flat or they won’t open or close right).  I don’t want to do too much planing or jointing because that takes away from the distressed look that I’m hoping to preserve.  But I think this door is going to be completely awesome when it’s all said and done.

That Hooman Is Crazy

I can’t say that everyone is convinced.