Never A Dull Moment

Lots going on here as usual.  No finished projects to report on so I’ll just share with you a little slice of Orcas summer.


Frog in our strawberry plant.  I think he wants to eat a strawberry, but they are bigger than he is so it poses a logistical issue.


How the path has grown.  I just keep adding stuff to it:  rocks, moss, plants, whatever.


Sparks flying in the shop.  I bet you wonder what I’m working on now…


Forest fires in our region have given us dramatic sunscapes.  This was from shortly after sunrise.


All manner of pirate booty washes up on our shores.

birds eye view

Flying over Eastsound.  On the island, we just call it “town”.  It’s best avoided from June to September because of the tourist infestation.


Sailing around from island to island in a wooden boat?  These guys have the right idea.


This really would be a nice place to rest, if ever I would rest.


I saved this lizard from Inky’s deadly fangs.  She was fairly well convinced that it was a cat toy.

landscapingDoes it look like a mess?  It is.  Give me a few weekends, I’ll have it all sorted out.