Please don’t use 16 gauge speaker wires for electrical

No No Bad Bad


Just a public service announcement.  Please don’t use 16 gauge speaker wires to hook up your overhead kitchen lights.  Future homeowners who have not yet died in an electrical fire will appreciate it.

It’s probably okay for low voltage and short term applications but if you’re installing some fancy new halogen light fixture you will want wires that don’t melt and burn when a bunch of electrons go racing through them.  And seriously, for like $5 you can buy a length of the correct wire, two staples to set it into place, a pack of electrical connectors, eight inches of black tape and gas money to drive to and from the hardware store.  Just go get 12/2G NM-B indoor yellow cable.  It comes with a grounding wire that is absent from speaker wires.  Connect black to black, white to white, ground to ground and Bob’s your uncle.