More Driftwood Projects



DriftwoodMesh plant basket.


Copper wire.


Yes, on occasion, I go down the artsy-craftsy path where it’s not always easy to tell the good ideas from the bad.  Sometimes you just have to follow it and see how it goes.  In this case, I think it went well.  The driftwood I found looked like it could hold a potted plant, maybe something that trails down the sides.  I initially thought to embed it in the ground but it would basically be a ground mounted deer feeder.  That’s when I figured I could mount it on the wall, like a sconce.  I just had to affix it to a slab of wood.


That’s where all the copper wire comes in to play.  It weathers well outdoors, like driftwood, and the 12 gauge stuff is plenty strong enough to hold it in place.  Just drilled through the wood in a few places to get it started and wrapped it tightly around the ends.


On the backside, the copper wires go through holes and are held in place by staples.

MountedThere.  Now the prongs can hold a basket.  I did wire the basket firmly in place and gave it some support so it wouldn’t deform too badly when I put dirt in it.  That’s the last thing I’d need.


I nailed it to the side of the garage with copper colored boat nails.  The slab of wood will protect the garage wall from getting wet.  We put some kind of fuchsia in the basket and I think it will do well.

Flower Sconce

And it holds the plant well above deer level so it shouldn’t turn into chow anytime soon.